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Inspired by a love of the outdoors and the desert

We have been inspired by the outdoors and the adventures they can offer for nearly as long as either of us can remember.  Whether it be hiking, kayaking, cycling or climbing, being outside has always been a priority and has influenced nearly all of the choices we have made in our lives.  While living in Colorado, Moab, UT became a regular destination on the weekends, to the point that we didn't even need to unpack the truck. We would Just wash some clothes, restock the food and firewood supply and on Friday afternoon head west once again.  At some point during all these desert forays the idea of moving to Moab came up and planted itself like a seed.  The big question was how?
All of our weekend trips meant we spent many nights around a campfire and a common dilemma was always trying to figure out what to bring for dinner while camping. Variety was the biggest problem, and quesadillas became a reoccurring solution. Quesadillas were simple to make but had almost endless possibilities for ingredients. At some point during all these excursions the idea was born that these quesadillas could be much more than just simple camping food and might even be our ticket to living in Moab.  So with the same passion we have for the outdoors we spent the next two years researching, planning and building until the Quesadilla Mobilla was complete.  And as they say, "the rest is history".  We hope you love them as much as we do!             
                                                                             Carrie & Steven
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